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A constant supply of fuel for all fuel pumps throughout the territory is crucial to ensure a proper and correct procurement of fuel by end users. To render the the widespread distribution of fuels possible, we operate a transport service for the distribution of gasoline, gas and methane.


Our distribution services

In Sicily, one of the points of reference in the distribution and transportation of fuels is NOBILE OIL GROUP S.P.A., a company in Agrigento, operating at a regional level in offering their clients ever more punctual and efficient services.

NOBILE OIL GROUP S.P.A. avails of an excellent fleet of vehicles authorised in the transport of dangerous goods and a highly-qualified staff specialised in the provision of fuel, offering services of:


- fuel transportation

- fuel distribution to the principal sales points and stopping areas

- special transport of combustibles for industrial use

- supply of petrol and agricultural diesels

- supply of LPG

- supply of Agip lubricants


Contact NOBILE OIL GROUP S.P.A. and request fuel distribution and transport services: we are sure you will be completely satisfied! Never be left dry - tap into the quality and competence of NOBILE OIL GROUP S.P.A. instead!

On the website, you will find all the information needed to reach the sales point.

A wide assortment of Eni lubricants

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