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Nobile Oil Group S.p.A.  in Agrigento operates throughout all of Italy in the distribution of petroleum products. The speed of delivery and quality of services offered has enabled the company to obtain significant results. Thanks to the experience gained and the continuous renewal, the company is able to meet the various and specific needs of the sectors concerned, all clearly having at the centre of its activities the scrupulous compliance with safety regulations and the preservation and protection of the environment.

In 1985, the company named ""Empedoclina petroli snc"" purchased the Q8 service station in Via Fosse Ardeatine, Villaseta (AG), with its connected sale of lubricants, in which there was an annual consumption of 800,000 litres that subsequently grew to 4,000,000 litres.


In 1990, the company acquired a Q8 petrol station with name ""nobile petroli snc"" located in Via Quadrivio Spinasanta, Agrigento, which had an annual consumption of 700,000 litres that grew to 3,000,000 litres.


In 1991, on behalf of ""Empedoclina petroli snc"", an agricultural diesel deposit was acquired, which subsequently become, thanks to our professionalism, the sales centre of Agip, Api and Q8.

In 1998, the loading platform for automotive diesel and heating was added to the same deposit.

In December 1999, the change of name was undertaken from "Empedoclina Petroli" to "Nobile Giuseppe &figli s.n.c.", a denomination the deposit still possesses.
Within the deposit, as mentioned prior, occurs the sale of 1,000 tonnes of lubricant, 2,000,000 lt of agricultural diesel, and 4,000,000 lt of auto diesel and heating (rough annual calculations).

Under an agreement with Agip, service area was established in 2000  that today sells 3 million litres per year under the company name "nobile s.r.l.", with headquarters in Via Leonardo Sciascia - Villaggio Mosè Agrigento.

In December 2003, another Agip service area was assigned to us, having a consumption of 1.3 million litres which, under our management, increased to 3,000,000 litres.

Over the years, the company has transformed itself from a general partnership to limited company.

Today, the NOBILE OIL GROUP S.p.A., with CEO Antonio Nobile, works in the channels of sales, wholesale, bulk LPG for tanks, heating fuel and sale of lubricants with a single-source Eni deposit.

We also manage an agricultural warehouse owned by Eni situated in Porto Empedocle (AG) and a Marina storage area located in Licata (AG).

In addition, the company effectuates deliveries to locations pre-selected by our clients, utilising the large fleet of vehicles at its disposal.

Nobile Oil Group S.p.A. is a partner of the company Protec

waste disposal
waste recovery

Protec S.r.l. is a modern service company specialising in the design, management of disposal facilities and special waste recovery.
For years, the company was responsible for treating hazardous waste, taking care of surrounding environment and improving the quality of life in the territory in which it operated. Over time, it has acquired the specific skills and professionalism that today allow it compete at a national and international level in the field of waste treatment and disposal technologies, enabling the development and the recovery of materials, reentering into the production circuit to guarantee the necessary levels of environmental compatibility.

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