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Nobile Aviation

Nobile Aviation

The company

Nobile Aviation - Agrigento Sicily Company

The lasting presence in the area of fuel sales, the strategic plans of business consolidation and new investments to expand and improve the service network are at the heart of the Nobile Aviation affirmation as a leading operator in the Italian market.


The Nobile Aviation business model is driven by two main ideas: complete customer satisfaction through personalised services at low cost  and reliability of the operating network, thanks to the continuous increase of airports serviced and agreements with the world's leading oil companies.


Every day, more airlines reward our business model by choosing our company as a reseller of reference in many domestic and international airports.




Establishing a widespread international network for the provision of petroleum products at low cost is the first objective of the Nobile Group. A solid company consolidation plan and new investments in technology and human resources have already occurred to support Nobile Aviation in the implementation of this project.


Nobile Aviation - Team

Experience and skills in innovation are the traits that identify our team.


Founder Giuseppe Nobile and his sons, Antonio and Francesco, have transferred to Nobile Aviation the experience and know-how developed in the Nobile Oil Group S.p.A., a company present in the petroleum products market for four decades.


The professionals of our team are highly skilled and work in synergy towards the complete satisfaction of your needs, offering flexible and customised solutions.. Contact them directly for information and quotes on our services.


The Nobile Aviation Services network covers many airports in Italy and, soon, in Europe and the Mediterranean basin to cater in an efficient and, above all, low cost manner to private and commercial airlines with quality products.

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Nobile Aviation brochure

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