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service areaYoung and dynamic, NOBILE OIL GROUP S.P.A. operates in Sicily in the distribution of petroleum products. The speed of delivery and quality of services offered has enabled the company to achieve important results.


In 1985, the company named "Empedoclina petroli snc" purchased the Q8 service station in Via Fosse Ardeatine, Villaseta (AG), complete with the sale of lubricants, for which there was an annual consumption of 800,000 litres that subsequently grew to 4,000,000 litres.

In 1990, the company acquired a Q8 petrol station with name "nobile oils snc" located in Via Quadrivio Spinasanta, Agrigento, which had an annual consumption of 700,000 litres that subsequently increased to 3,000,000 litres.

In 1991, on behalf of "Empedoclina petroli snc" an agricultural diesel deposit was acquired, which subsequently become, thanks to our professionalism, the sales centre of Agip, Api and Q8 lubricant sales.


Our distribution services

In Sicily, one of the points of reference in the distribution and transportation of fuels is Giuseppe Nobile & Figli, a company in Agrigento, operating at a regional level offering their clients ever more punctual and efficient services.

Nobile Oil Group avails of an excellent fleet of vehicles authorised in the transport of dangerous goods and a highly-qualified specialised staff in the provision of fuel, offering services of:



Nobile Oil Group - Aviation

Turbojet, turboprops or, more generally, reaction engines use the fuel technically referred to as Jet-A1. The product has a lower cost compared to aviation fuel and is characterised by a greater density and lower volatility. The Jet-A1 fuel sold by Eni is produced in compliance with the most demanding technical standards, as well guaranteeing its high quality and conformity with "British MoD DEF STAN 91-91" and "ASTM D1655 Standard Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuels" industry standards.

In collaboration with Eni S.p.A., Nobile Oil Group offers mobile fuelling services for Jet-A1 sales, in compliance with regulations.

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  • 29/06/2016

We are pleased to report that the new Adblue products can now be found at our company. Please call us for any information you require.

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Large storage deposits are available, ready for delivery

  • 28/06/2016

We wish to inform our clients that we have a large storage depot ready for prompt delivery. For information, please contact us.

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